School Sports Victoria

Cashs has had a long successful history in supplying medals to the Victorian Secondary Schools Association. In 2010, the Victorian school Sports Association merged with the Victorian Secondary Schools Association and became School Sports Victoria. Cashs were asked to tender the supply of medals and pins for both regional and state meets, and again were successful in winning all the state and regional event throughout Victoria. In 2011, Cashs again retendered and were reappointed as the preferred supplier of pins and medals within School Sports Victoria for the 2012 season also. Cashs won these tenders through innovation in design, price, quality and delivery. We believe that the efforts of everyone participating in these school sports events need to be acknowledged in appropriate manner. This was our thought when designing the new medals and ribbons. We wanted each child who won these medals to value the achievement and be proud to wear it. We believe we were successful in achieving this. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the organisations about how the new medals were received by the state and regions.

Our Customer Feedback

We received the pins today and I really like the way they have turned out. Thank you for all your assistance with the process of design and ordering

— Australian Bureau of Statistics

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